Any emergency requires immediate attention. Please be advised of what is considered an emergency:
  • Total loss of heat
  • Total loss of electricity
  • Total loss of water
  • Plumbing leaks that require the shut-off of water completely
  • Total sewage stoppage (within 30 days of closing)
  • A situation that may endanger the occupants of the home
  • Gas leak. Contact your gas supplier immediately
If an emergency occurs, please refer to the emergency call list provided to you at settlement for the proper contractor to call. Emergency service is available after hours, on weekends and holidays.

Note: The Builder will assume no responsibility, or offer reimbursement for service work performed by anyone other than the contractors listed on the emergency call list. If an unauthorized vendor or contractor performs repairs, the Homeowner will be solely responsible for both the quality of the work performed and costs involved. Homeowners are expected to take precautions to minimize the amount of damage to their home.