Buy Your Home

The Home Buying Process

Gorgeous New Construction Homes in Philadelphia Suburbs. from AmeriCorp Homes on Vimeo.

Your first and most important step in selecting your perfect home will be to choose your community, home site and floor plan. With all of our great options you are bound to find the home that will suit all of your needs. This timeframe will vary depending on the community, the agreement between The Builder and the Homebuyer and the time of year.

When your Community Builder receives your start package you will receive a call to coordinate the Pre-Construction Walkthrough. This meeting will be approximately 30 minutes. You will have a chance to check your options and color Selections, review your property and features and ask any questions you may have.

The next scheduled walkthrough you have will be the Pre-Drywall Walkthrough. During this walkthrough you will meet with the builder and visually inspect the location of electrical, plumbing, heating, specialty wiring or any other custom options you may have chosen and insure they are in the proper location.

After the Pre-Drywall Walkthrough our closing department will notify you with an approximate closing date. At this time you should be contacting your Mortgage and Title Insurance Company to inform them of this date and finalize any details that may be needed.

Your Community Builder will complete our “Homes for Quality Living Checklist”. The Builder will inspect all aspects of your New Home to ensure your New Home meets our “Homes for Quality Living Standards”.

This meeting could take anywhere from 1 - 2 Hours. During this walkthrough you will learn about your New Home, its care and maintenance and operation of the various components in your New Home. Any discrepancies discovered during this meeting will be noted and corrected in a timely fashion. Most items will be corrected before settlement unless weather or material availability hinders completion. An explanation of the warranty and what is and is not covered after settlement will also be reviewed.

You should contact the utility companies to insure there will be no interruption in services.

A short walkthrough will be scheduled the day of closing to give you a chance to review the items completed from the Pre-Settlement Walkthrough and insure your New Home is clean. You will be asked at this time to initial as complete any item that has been completed.

Approximately 10 months after your closing anniversary date we will contact you to review any warranty concerns you may have.